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Marco Tech is a Norwegian & French company created in 1997 in Norway and then moved its offices in 2004 in the South West of France close to Bordeaux.
Its leading team is working in the field of petroleum equipment since 1970.
Marco Tech & Diesel Care - AquaFighter have started their cooperation in 2020 to offer our national market and export markets all the innovation of the AquaFighter product range and the network and experience of Marco Tech.

Refillable Dipstick Indicator

(Length: 20 cm/Width: 4 cm)

Designed as indicator for canvas Mediuim & Large tank filters.



(20 cm x 4 cm) - 100 ml

Designed for industrial machines, boats and vehicles, as well as preventative maintenance applications.


(Length: 50 cm/Width: 4 cm) - 600-700 ml

Designed for all machines and tanks with small openings.

Aquafighter® actively polishes bound, suspended and emulsified water out of diesel fuel directly in the tank and keeps it water-free forever.
Small and Medium Size tanks - Scan-vas-p

Medium Canvas

(Length: 35 cm/Width: 27 cm) - 2,5L

Designed for storage tanks 500-5000 liters.

Large Canvas

(Length: 35 cm/Width: 27 cm) - 4,5L

Designed for storage tanks 5000 - 10000 liters.

When your tanks are larger you will simply use several of those Large filter sizes

NB: Bigger models avaliable for even bigger storage tanks


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