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We supply hose reels made out of aluminium in different designs and sizes. They are pneumatically or hydraulically driven or alternatively with a chain wheel (then with an ATEX electrical or external hydraulic motor). They are used in aircraft refuelling, stationary installations with aluminium swivel joint in size :

  • DN50

  • DN80

  • operating pressure, depends on the type up to 40 bar

  • width x from 66 mm up to 160 mm

  • side plate or spoked side plate diameter y from 800 mm up to 2200 mm

  • drum plate diameter z from 400mm up to 600mm

  • optional with locking device, brake



When an aircraft or sensitive vehicle or place are being worked on, specifically when refilling, the user needs a very high concentration and wants to prove he is fully operative. Thus the use of deadman handle to tell the system that the user is 100% at his workplace.

Two systems are available:

  • license-free wireless deadman control with an up to 30m range

  • wired system with a fail-safe 14m stretchable cable

Ask us for our complete documentation.


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