Halock™ PIPING SYSTEM has been developed to be a long lasting solution. This system needs no maintenance; it is easy to install, solid, safe and reliable.

Halock™ Piping System is a flexible pipe which, together with its complete range of parts which are joined by the electro fusion welding process, gives a complete system.

It consists of different sizes of pipes for product lines, vent, vapour recovery and remote fill applications for the petrol stations.

Halock EN14125 single and double wall unique multilayer PBT liner is suitable for all types of fuel, including biodiesel, ethanol and methanol, as well as urea, and a long list of chemicals.
Twin Halock in bars.

Our piping system is certified:
Shell International, Institute of Petroleum,
EN 14125 : 2004 and EN 14125 : 2013

Twin Halock/Single wall in rolls.


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