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Marco Tech SAS is a Franco-Norwegian family company which was created in Norway in 1997 and is in charge of Halock distribution around the world with local national distributors.

Its management team has been working in the field of petroleum equipment since the mid-1970s.


Hallingplast A.S


Hallingplast A.S is also a family company started in 1969 by Kåre Tragethon and Tov Skarpås; at the start they were the only two persons to work there. Today the factory is managed by Steinar Tragethon and his 3 sons and their company has expanded a lot in a little over 50 years and there are now 73 people working as a team, always fast to develop new products and find individual and customized solutions.


Hallingplast A.S is today among the largest private extrusion companies in Norway. The extrusion of pipes has always been a very competitive area. Hallingplast A.S has been able to carve a niche in the market by building on its reputation for innovation and reliability.


Halock Piping System

Halock™ Piping System has been the natural issue of this development using one of the strongest inside liner (PBT) against alcohol and petrol. Since 1997, Marco Tech SAS has been working together with Hallingplast A.S in developing the use and installation of Halock™ worldwide. The size of the company enables it to be more flexible, more personal towards its customers, more reactive, as well as being attentive to each customer’s need.

As a team, Hallingplast and Marco Tech have designed the double wall pipes Twin Halock and its complete range of single and double wall electrofusion fittings to connect the system, using the same PBT inside liner resistant to all fuels and products to be found in petrol stations (including ethanol E10 up to E85, mixes of methanol, biodiesel, urea AdBlue etc and a long list of aggressive chemicals.